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Social MediaSocial media enables brands to build and engage a digital audience, convert them to customers, clients and fans. The difference between good and great engagement on your social activity is interesting, high-quality content created by true experts.

Connected Media Solutions knows what great looks like. We understand social media and content marketing, advertising trends, analytics, sentiment and scheduling. We can audit your social performance, assist you with your social media strategy and provide a winning recipe that gets real and regular results.

We leverage a wealth of digital and print publication experience to attract eyeballs with finely crafted words, pictures, graphics, illustrations, video, audio and more. We have experience managing and editing hundreds of social media accounts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and more.


Quality comes first


Connected Media Solutions specialises in creating quality content that stands out from the crowd. In a world where everyone is a publisher we deliver years of editorial experience, sophisticated skills and a proven track record.

We create compelling content for traditional media organisations, new media businesses and clean, crisp copy for any industry. We’re passionate about sharing stories worth telling.

We interview, write, edit, proof and commission content for use across social, online and print media. We bring years of newsroom experience at some of Australia and New Zealand’s biggest and best media companies and partner with industry leaders across Australia to leverage a network of outstanding contributors for larger campaigns and projects.


Professional publishing processes


Is your Facebook audience engaged? How many Twitter followers do you have now and how many Instagram likes did your last post get? And what about your website or app?

Connected Media Solutions offers advanced publishing experience in strategically managing content and publishing across online, apps, social media and print.

We have developed sophisticated social media strategies, websites and apps that have won national and international acclaim. We’ve managed editing teams and projects large and small at some of Australasia’s biggest household names. We’re proud of our rich media heritage but excited about the future.


The art of storytelling


We get it. We understand the power of photography, graphics, illustrations, words and how they can combine to make something special. Bold, beautiful, visual communication gets the message across with impact and a sophisticated touch that builds and enhances brands.

Put simply, great design enables great storytelling. It tells the reader what is important, where to look, what to press and how to navigate to get the most out of the content – and it does most of this without any written instruction. It makes content stand out, flow better and helps communicate with instant clarity.

Great design gives content extraordinary value. This value can be overlooked but it is crucially linked to real results. Quality, industry-leading editorial design has traditionally only been found in large media companies with teams of dedicated designers, artists, illustrators and visual editors capable of creating work at an elite level.

We know great design and have experience in creating and leading design and presentation across print and digital, in Australia and New Zealand’s largest publishers.


Strategic publishing across devices

OnlineMobile, tablet, laptop and desktop. Customer databases, email subscriptions and more. Connected Media Solutions understands how people use different devices and tools to read and interact with digital content. From long-form storytelling to a quick blog update, we have the experience in creating and managing online content across platforms and communities to deliver results.

We understand the importance of your website and subscription platforms as part of your wider media product suite and provide strategic product advice to ensure your content model is reaching its potential. We can audit and analyse behaviours and trends to tweak best results and give broader advice around website design and strategy. We have extensive experience in designing and building websites, mobile apps and digital interactive content.


Perpetual power and refined grace

PrintPrint is an important part of any product strategy. It carries authority, commands respect and is a powerful medium for smart brands to communicate to readers in a world saturated by screens where busy people need to ‘unplug’. Print excites people, it’s tangible and with a beautiful, customised product, as part of a wider publication strategy, readers will respond positively.

While mass-audience traditional print media’s business model is being disrupted by readers moving to digital, there is a unique opportunity for businesses to target relevant niche areas with specialised printed media. In 2015 Uber launched a print magazine exclusively for its drivers and in the same year Airbnb launched Pineapple, a glossy high-end travel publication. CNET is another notable brand to go from screen to print with a succesful product.

Connected Media Solutions can partner with you to design, redesign, edit and relaunch your print products. We have a proven track record at Australasia’s biggest publishers, working in key senior roles across metropolitan, regional, community and agricultural newspapers and magazines.

Connected Media Solutions provides solutions for newspapers, magazines, books, brochures, reports, custom publishing and more.


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